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SafeMeds™ Platform

SafeMeds™ is a Market Efficiency, Consumer Safety and MicroAnalytics™ platform for Pharmaceutical and LifeSciences industry.

SafeMeds™ is the ONLY platform that integrates the manufacturer, pharmacist and the consumer.

Our products designed for each of these customer groups will not only ensure consumer safety, save revenues of manufacturers, but also add additional business value with deep market insights.

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No more unilateral solutions.
It's a world of connected platforms.

Our Products


Protect your brand from counterfeiting. And recall your drugs as easily as pressing a button.

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Reduced inventory effort with auto-inventory. And a set of world-class Retailer Tools for ease-of-business.

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Protect your family from counterfeit drugs. And save your prescriptions online for easy access.

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Resolve your stocking issues with Sales Dynamics and know your consumers like never before through Consumer Insights.

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SafeMeds™ Quantum

Control over your distribution chain, with one click. From preventing counterfeits. To managing recalls.

With the easiest integration among Enterprise Software products, SafeMeds™ Quantum will provide unprecedented and definitive business value to manufacturers. SafeMeds™ Quantum is NOT a serialization solution. It’s a anti-counterfeiting and brand protection product, built on a robust platform. That can also enable product recalls in one-click.

SafeMeds™ Verify

Completely automate your inventory effort.* Assure your customers verifiably authentic drugs.

A product like never before, SafeMeds™ Verify will ensure that pharmacies are stocking up ONLY genuine products, and are selling ONLY genuine products to their customers. Whether you own a single pharmacy or a chain of 1000+ pharmacies, SafeMeds™ Verify will drastically reduce inventory effort to a fraction, and could help you increase sales.

SafeMeds™ App

Protect your family against counterfeit drugs. As easy as reading a message on your phone.

At the most vulnerable moment of your child’s health, the risk of counterfeit drugs is the highest. Protect your children and elderly parents from the effects of counterfeit drugs. Purchase only from SafeMeds™ enabled pharmacies. And ensure you are notified of your purchase on SafeMeds™ App.

The Era of Live Business is Here.
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MicroAnalytics™ Platform

Know where each of your product is, or isn’t. Know your consumers like never before.

The CXOs and Brand Managers of Pharmaceutical Companies will have access to our unique MicroAnalytics™ platform with unmatched and unprecedented granularity of data for actionable intelligence. Whether you’d like to know about Counterfeits Data, Sales Dynamics, Consumer Insights, or would like answers to any complex query, we could provide all of those answers.

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Counterfeits Data

Manufacturers will have quick access to information of counterfeit and pilferage drugs identified through SafeMeds™ enabled Retailer Tools.

Sales Dynamics

Holistic sales insights on drug purchases across geographies and product portfolios will be available to Manufacturers and Pharmacies.

Consumer Insights

An unprecedented detail of consumer demographics data will be available to Manufacturers and Pharmacies.

Custom Analytics

Professional services to build custom data analytics with extremely high granularity for Manufacturers.

Our Vision

To streamline the pharmaceutical industry by pioneering an inclusive platform for manufacturers, pharmacies and consumers, for improved market efficiency.

Founding Team


S Anwar

Chief Executive Officer

Over 10 years of experience in IT industry in project management space, across multiple domains.

MBA from Indian School of Business


Bala Sistla

Chief Technology Officer

Over 25 years of experience in IT, Healthcare, Life-Sciences and Pharma industry in US and India.



Venkat K

Chief Business Officer

Over 10 years of experience in IT Sales in Enterprise Software space, India and SE Asia Regions.


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